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Hi Everyone, \r\n\r\nI am one of the pilots who worked for VISC all summer taking people up for flights. I must say I had just as much fun as all our customers. I wanted to thank you all who decided to come out and experience \"Flight\" in its purest form. Is it worth your money? Well of course and I do not need to justify why, come for a flight and see for yourself why I never had a customer who said it was not Awesome. :))))
- Kasper Wabinski

It was Fabulous!

A peaceful piece of Heaven. Gorgeous! Thank you.
- Mike Armstrong Comox B.C.

Great ride!

30 year dream fulfilled. Beautiful, smooth ride. Loved the landing.
- Don Prefontaine Port Alberni B.C.

What an experience

Truly amazing to feel what it would be like to soar like a bird. \r\nVery professional stuff, all in all a great time.
- Steve Reichenbach Toronto Ont.

Totally amazing.

Beyond you being the perfect pilot, the beauty of this flight leaves you in wonder a near spiritual feeling up there.
- Mo Siegel Boulder Colorado USA