Have you ever dreamed of soaring through the skies on your own, in flight that is silent except for the sound of the wind?

VISC Soaring Centre has been helping new pilots gain their wings in the Alberni Valley since 2005. From the very first flight, you will have a chance to be at the controls of our two-seat sailplane. With the guidance of our experienced instructors, you will learn to take-off, soar, and land the glider here at the Alberni Valley Regional Airport. Before too long you will be soaring with the eagles! All required theory classes are taught here as well, typically one-on-one with our instructors.
On average, students will fly 45 instructional flights before going solo. This is followed by 20 solo flights, with frequent dual flights to maintain proficiency. Depending on the time commitment you can make, a license can be earned in as little as two months.
Once you are licensed, you may continue to rent the glider at our club rates, or join the Alberni Valley Soaring Association. With our instructors’ assistance, you will also develop your soaring technique, as you begin to venture further from the field. With thermals in the valley, ridge lift along the Beaufort Range and waves developing over Vancouver Island, we are ideally situated to experience all forms of soaring.
For more information, or to book an introductory flight, please contact us or visit us at the airport.

Conversion Training

If you are already a licensed pilot and interested in learning to fly sailplanes or just practice your technique, we can offer conversion training as well. This can be done in as little as 25 flights, each averaging 15 minutes. This includes the 20 solo flights required by Transport Canada, as well as at least an hour of dual flight. There is no written exam required for the conversion course.
Just as with ab initio pilots, you may join the AVSA when you are licensed. Their single-seat PW-5 glider is available at very affordable rates, allowing you to explore the valley with ease!